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Keto diet: A yay or nay?

UAE is like no other part of the globe. Full of energy, life, and surprises around the corner, the seven emirates are known for their fast-paced lifestyle. The exciting and happening destination is a hit for fitness enthusiasts. You will never have a dull day. Life in UAE is never boring. You can hustle around

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Entertainment to people: Between the past and now!

It is no exaggeration to say that the Middle Eastern Countries have come a long way to become the globally-acclaimed hub of the modern entertainment industry, with UAE’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi being the centre of attraction. While many think that cinema in the Middle East came into existence much later than the Western Cinemas,

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A marvel in itself, the smartwatch is an insignia of the modern-day technological prowess of man.With the potential to influence every facet of our lives, it has today become an indispensable gadget for efficiently managing one’s personal as well as professional life. From sensors that track and monitor various health parameters to connectivity and storage

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Making trading online on the smart phone

Your smartphone isn’t smart enough to trade, but you are

Spanning three continents and 21 countries, the Middle East is one of the world’s most heterogeneous regions with a population of 600 million. The economically, politically, and culturally diverse region of the Middle East (ME), is associated with North Africa (NA) to form MENA, and in the Fintech landscape, MENA is a rising star.   Unlike

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