Keto diet: A yay or nay?

UAE is like no other part of the globe. Full of energy, life, and surprises around the corner, the seven emirates are known for their fast-paced lifestyle. The exciting and happening destination is a hit for fitness enthusiasts. You will never have a dull day. Life in UAE is never boring. You can hustle around the city, meet people from different parts of the globe and experience new, insane adventures every day. However, the most interesting part about UAE is its assorted range of cuisines. Whether it is about a hearty breakfast with ChebabRaqaq bread, eggs, and Khameer or traditional delicacies like HareesMishwy, and Maq’louba, resisting the mouthwatering delectables and keeping a firm check on weight can be a daunting issue. 

Especially the younger lot incline fast food such as shwarma (a non-vegetarian delicacy wrapped in Khuboos), French fries, burgers, and more. No matter how atrocious your eating habits have become you can always make the switch to keto diets for long-term fitness and fine health. Wondering what is keto? Let’s see!


What is keto?

Short for the Ketogenic diet, the keto diet is an eating style that forces our body to use fat as fuel. In the ketogenic diet, the body creates ketones by severe carbohydrate restriction.

You can consume lots of fatty foods and a moderate amount of protein. Ranging from meats, cream, cheese, butter, eggs, oils, and nuts to seeds, whole legumes, and other vegetables, keto diets work intending to get more calories from fat than carbs.

How do keto diets work?

The keto diet works by depriving the body of its optimum sugar level. Your body starts to break down fat for energy, and this in turn results in the production of molecules known as ketones. The body uses these molecules for fuel, and when the body burns fat, it can also lead to weight loss. 

Yay or Nay for Keto?

The answer is yes! Although there are some major setbacks like vitamin deficiency that can be compensated with healthy fruits and veggies, the keto diet has tons of benefits, including the following:

  • It can promote weight loss in many ways like reducing appetite and boosting metabolism.
  • As acne is linked to diet and blood sugar in some people, by decreasing the carb intake, the keto diet can reduce acne symptoms in some people.
  • Researchers have analyzed the effects of the keto diet in preventing and treating certain cancers, and a keto diet is proven to lower the risk of insulin complications. 
  • Keto diets can improve heart health by reducing bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol. 
  • Ketones generated during the keto diet have many neuroprotective benefits that strengthen and protect the brain and nerve cells, hence protecting brain function. 

The bottom line

The keto craze has a rock-solid impact on fitness aficionados now and it doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon. Ketogenic diets can be an incredible alternative to treat certain conditions and accelerate weight loss. However, before you proceed, discuss the intended diet plan with a dietitian, doctor, or reliable healthcare provider.